The Pros and Cons of Paranormal Investigating with just two of you

There are a lot of paranormal groups out there, and they come in all shapes and sizes.
Paranormal Truth is part of the emerging trend that many investigators are taking: investigating alone or in smaller groups. Sick and tired of the trickery some groups offer and prior to them meeting, Dale and Justin initially decided to investigate on their own. With no-one there to pull your leg, you can determine if a piece of evidence is genuinely paranormal when on your own.
Dale originally founded Paranormal Truth with just himself. Through interactions with Justin over Twitter, he soon found they shared the same views on the paranormal world. Eventually, as they got to know one another, Dale brought Justin on board to help him provide a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach and ultimately to promote research and legitimate paranormal investigation.
Working alone has the major disadvantage that you don’t have another person to back up your experience. Did you hear a noise or were you imagining it?
So what’re the advantages of working in a team of two?
Less noise pollution
Straight away, you remove noise and environmental contamination that would usually be created by a larger group. Instead of having two teams of 8 split across a building, it is just a pair of investigators in one room at a time. That bang from upstairs? With only two of you, you can now rule out it was another human being.
Fewer people to fall out with
There’s a lot of bickering and falling out within the paranormal world. When you have internal politics dictating your team, your investigation could be at risk of being cancelled. Eventually, teams split and members go off to do their own thing.
With two people, if you have a problem with the other person, you can say it without causing too much drama. Besides, if you end up splitting because of it, you’re only losing one friend, not a whole team.
More involvement in decisions
There is less hierarchy in a team of two. Dale and Justin have an overall say on how an investigation will be conducted, what locations to visit and the overall direction of Paranormal Truth.
Compared to a larger team, there are fewer people to make happy. It is a lot easier to come to a compromise between two people than sixteen. The pains of organising between larger groups do not exist when there are two of you.
But there must be some disadvantages to working in a small team?
More investment required
Paying for a £300 location is fine when there is 10 of you paying £30 each. For those working in pairs or smaller teams, it costs hundreds of pounds and can be financially straining. This limits how often you investigate and research.
In addition, equipment costs increase. When you’re in a larger team, everyone tends to share each others equipment. As a pair, there is a lot to cover. As Paranormal Truth does not believe in most paranormal investigative equipment (such as Spirit Boxes, etc.), we like to investigate solely with cameras, digital recorders and audio equipment, which is where we focus the majority of our funds. Most importantly, your senses are the most important thing when on an investigation. Your eyesight, your hearing and of course, smell.
Fewer opinions
When there are just two of you, you are limited to debunking evidence. Yes, two people are perfectly capable of debunking evidence, but the more opinions you collect, the more critical you can be. Working as a pair does not offer that. However, we believe that eliminating environmental contamination is more important as opposed to a collection of opinions, which may be based on something caused by someone in the large group.
For Paranormal Truth, that is where you, our fantastic community, come in. We are grateful for your support in debunking evidence and offering your own opinions. We appreciate this, so thank you.
No survivors
In the event that Dale and Justin get abducted by aliens, possessed by a demon, or mauled by a werewolf, there is no-one to share the story. In a larger group, there is more chance at least one person will make it to safety and call the police, the army, or MI6.
Do you prefer working in a larger team? Or perhaps you prefer fewer people? Leave a comment with your thoughts!
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