New Paranormal Documentary, Ouija: Dicing with death?

This evening, we are delighted to announce our new documentary due to be released in 2018.

Ouija: Dicing with death?


If you ask people what their thoughts are on Ouija boards, you’ll find you get a mixed reaction.
Some people say you are asking for trouble, opening a spiritual door and inviting all kinds of negative spirits into your life. On the other hand, some people will tell you it’s all a load of nonsense and question how a piece of MDF can become a form of spirit communication and allow you to talk to the dead and/or evil.
Research has shown that many of those people who were asked if they would use a Ouija board have in fact never used one. Is Hollywood, TV, folklore or Chinese whispers striking fear into people to the degree they believe everything they hear to be true? Do they have a fear or something genuine?
With this in mind, Dale Makin and Justin Cowell of well-respected paranormal investigation group Paranormal Truth set out on a quest to find out what the dangers are if any, and to see if Ouija boards are able to contact ‘the other side’.
Dale and Justin visit some of the most haunted locations in the UK which have reports of varying types of alleged hauntings, armed with their cameras and Ouija boards to see for themselves if there is any truth to what people are fearing or experiencing.
We interview the public, subject matter experts and well-respected people in the paranormal community and then put the use of Ouija boards to the test, in varying environmental conditions and locations.
So the million dollar question is; does the use of Ouija boards summon the dead and/or evil spirits or is the real enemy your mind?
We are currently collecting valuable data in relation to the public’s thoughts and views about the use of Ouija boards. We would really appreciate it if you would complete our short survey here.
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