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A good reality check – something we love here at Paranormal Truth.
The news of our documentary “Ouija: Dicing with death?” is now out there and running the rounds in various national tabloids but it seems that our intentions have become somewhat distorted in the media frenzy.
Dale Makin, Founder of Paranormal Truth
The documentary we are currently planning, due to start filming January 2018 is focussed on the practice of Ouija boards. Our sceptical team, Dale Makin and Justin Cowell have gone to the drawing board with an idea about how they can prove if Ouija boards are manipulated by the user, or not. Hours have been spent by Dale in the lab developing this tool and it’s now at a point where it’s ready for introduction into our investigations. With this in mind and by the end of the 3 part documentary, viewers should be able to determine for themselves with the evidence presented to them, if Ouija boards are a real form of spirit communication or as the result of something that Parapsychologists call the ideomotor effect.


Furthermore, what is quite amusing is that critics think we are your stereotypical fraud-like investigation team, which as all people who follow and interact with us know, couldn’t be further from the truth. Our suggestion is to watch our documentaries, talk to our followers and understand the facts before making uncalculated assumptions. Dale and Justin are sceptical and are very hard to convince and frankly, they are expecting absolutely nothing to happen. If something does happen, any evidence will be backed up by 3 different experiments which will either prove or disprove if Ouija boards work
A lot of the focus has been on the alleged Black-Eyed Children of Cannock Chase, but in reality, this is just one location of more than 10 that Dale and Justin are visiting. The paranormal pair visit some of the most haunted locations in the UK, in some very challenging conditions. Some locations have never been investigated before, so it really is something you don’t want to miss.
Justin Cowell
Justin Cowell
Due to the nature of what we are trying to achieve, it has attracted attention throughout the paranormal field and as a result have some very exciting names involved, although at this stage you’ll have to wait and find out who they are – one thing we can guarantee is, this is a documentary that will be worth waiting for.
The documentary will be available on Amazon Prime and the Paranormal Truth YouTube channel, airing in April 2018.


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