Justin Cowell joins Paranormal Truth

It is with great delight that we announce a new member of Paranormal Truth, Justin Cowell.
Justin will join Dale on future investigations in search of the paranormal truth. Dale and Justin are like minded in the sense that they have a deep interest in the paranormal, yet are open minded sceptics. What you will see on investigations is two investigators who’s approach is to find logical explanations for phenomena instead of automatically assuming everything is paranormal.
Justin Cowell
Justin Cowell
As you know, there is no trickery on any Paranormal Truth investigation, what you see is a true representation of what happens on that specific investigation.
Justin is no stranger to the paranormal community, having worked with many key people in the field, investigating both on his own and with other groups. Having first joined notable groups such as the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) from the age of 18, Justin’s interest and experience in researching the paranormal has lasted for many years.
Speaking to Justin about his decision to join Paranormal Truth, he commented “Since I started investigating the paranormal, I realised I was becoming increasingly frustrated by the poor use of methods and equipment that I saw other investigators using. More importantly, I also saw members of the public being duped by paranormal TV shows that employed similar techniques and were then left feeling cheated if they decided to investigate the same locations for themselves and found little or no activity occurring. From speaking with Dale however, I realised that between us, we shared a very similar point of view regarding paranormal investigations and how they should be carried out with a much greater emphasis on finding a logical or more rational explanation when supposed paranormal activity occurs. I am therefore delighted to join Paranormal Truth, to join forces with Dale, in order that we can identify, as much as possible, whether a location truly has paranormal activity.
You can watch the latest episode of Paranormal Truth with Dale and Justin here.
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