Antix Productions REFUSE to Cooperate with our request to release raw footage from Season 20, Episode 02

Antix Productions, the production company behind Most Haunted, have been given several opportunities to comment and respond to the request for raw footage, to which they have refused.
Our agent contacted them on a number of occasions and they refused to cooperate. We therefore conclude that Most Haunted have something to hide by refusing to release the footage to our experts for analysis.
Most Haunted Trickery
Most Haunted Ghost, also known as Stuart Torevell
In the media, there were claims that the footage left “experts baffled”. Their actions do however leave our experts baffled by choosing not to cooperate. Now that they have refused to release the footage, we do wonder which experts were consulted with as per the media claims. We can only assume it would have been Watson the dog.
Case closed.

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