About Paranormal Truth

Curious as to why someone would be crazy enough to visit locations said to be haunted by Demons, Poltergeists and Spirits?
Our investigators, Dale Makin and Justin Cowell do this in attempt to find the truth about the paranormal without the lies and trickery which in turn delivers an alternative viewing perspective that is not widely available for fans of the paranormal.
Our promise to you is that we approach every investigation seriously, in a level header manner and absolutely no trickery.

Meet the Team

Dale Makin
Dale Makin, Founder of Paranormal Truth
“For as long as I can remember, I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal. For hundreds of years, people have been reporting ghost sightings and encounters and it’s a subject that has always fascinated me.
I have often wondered, surely all these people witnessing ghost apparitions, possessions, attacks, sounds or encounters cannot be making it up? What do they have to gain? Then with the launch of mainstream paranormal TV programmes, it lured the interests of people who never really had an interest in the paranormal before and the shows made me a majority believer, despite having never really witnessed anything much myself during my life.
That was until recently when after having researched and investigated certain paranormal TV programmes myself, I found that they all had faked numerous events during the series. This to me instantly puts their credibility and integrity into question and as such, I refuse to watch shows that put out fabricated events and evidence.
I had only ever been on one proper paranormal investigation before I got the idea for Paranormal Truth, and that was a visit to the allegedly most haunted house with a resident dubbed the most violent poltergeist in Europe, which is none other than 30 East Drive in Pontefract, UK. Mainstream TV programmes conducted several investigations at this location, when all unimaginable things were happening. People were being dragged upstairs, knifes magically appearing in certain parts of the house on their own, people being burnt, scratched and having objects thrown at them. It’s all happenings that are ideal for the making of a nightmare.
Having spent the night at 30 East Drive with a group of other people, nothing much happened that is worth talking about and the things that did happen, I cannot be sure that they were not faked by other people either. The table tipping exercise did see some movement in the table and when we called out to spirit to move the glass in the table, with around 6 people had their finger placed on, it did move. But like I said, I cannot be sure nobody else moved it on purpose, subconsciously or unintentionally.
A couple of months after visiting East Drive, I was looking at YouTube videos of other investigations at the house. I found that a lot of people are dramatic and the slightest noise or anomaly is always automatically assumed to be paranormal and no efforts were taken to debunk events or come up with any logical explanations. This left me somewhat frustrated but that was until I stumbled upon Gary Jay’s “Curiosity” YouTube channel. Gary is a film maker and does not class himself as a Ghost Hunter, he classes himself as a film maker with an interest in the Paranormal and in subjects that interest him. One of his videos was his lone investigation to East Drive, which he spent a full night alone with his cameras but did so in a very objective and open minded manner, and I really liked what he produced. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened during the whole night, but that doesn’t mean that there are no ghosts there or that it isn’t haunted, as he says, he may have just been unlucky.
I ended up watching some of his other videos and I really liked the spin he puts on his documentaries and the bits of humour he throws in, it makes for enjoyable viewing, but you can be assured that this guy does not fake anything.
Afterwards, I thought to myself, what if more people did what Gary does with the exact same approach in their investigations? Surely if people want the actual truth without the fabrication, this is the best way to do it. And if more people did this, people like me with a genuine interest in the Paranormal stand a better chance of uncovering the truth.
Is there life after death? What are ghosts? Spirits of dead people? Unconscious replays as per the Stone Tape theory? What is the Truth?
Then I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and I thought about launching my own YouTube channel called, yes you guessed it, Paranormal Truth.”
Check out Dale’s official website at www.dalemakin.com.
Justin Cowell
Justin Cowell
Justin Cowell
“Since I started investigating the paranormal, I realised I was becoming increasingly frustrated by the poor use of methods and equipment that I saw other investigators using. More importantly, I also saw members of the public being duped by paranormal TV shows that employed similar techniques and were then left feeling cheated if they decided to investigate the same locations for themselves and found little or no activity occurring.
From speaking with Dale however, I realised that between us, we shared a very similar point of view regarding paranormal investigations and how they should be carried out with a much greater emphasis on finding a logical or more rational explanation when supposed paranormal activity occurs.
I am therefore delighted to join Paranormal Truth, to join forces with Dale, in order that we can identify, as much as possible, whether a location truly has paranormal activity.”